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Peace de Resistance

A musical collaboration!

Everyone Needs a Little Peace!

Poster by Terri New


African Travelogue

A video series and website by Incite Productions & African Safaris & Travel.

African Travelogue

Recent Events

Launch of New Company! From the folks that have given you life changeing adventures for 30+ years!

The Adventure Travel Company



The Adventure Travel Company:- Brought to you by the Sister Company of African Safaris and Travel, now expanding their horizons to incredible worldwide adventures!

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The Theater Arts Project...

Incite Productions has several Theater Arts Projects in development with the aim of getting quality arts programs into schools at a reasonable cost.

 Incite Productions Theater Arts


Arizona Governors Arts

Award Nominee

ALICE "I Feel So ME Now!" Musical Theater Arts Volume 1

The Governors Arts Award

Recognizing Achievements in the Arizona Arts Community

The Governor’s Arts Awards are presented annuallyby Arizona Citizens for the Arts, the ArizonaCommission on the Arts and the Office of thGovernor of Arizona to recognize outstandingachievement and contributions to the Arizona arts community. Terri New of Incite Productions was nominated for the Arizona Governor's Art Award in 2010 for this comprehensive Theater Arts title. The lavish event took place at the Biltmore in Phoenix.


ALICE "I Feel So ME Now!" Musical Theater Arts Volume 1 received a STAR REVIEWA prestigious STAR reviewfrom the

School Library Journal


School Library Journal


"With time and a creative crew, this package will inspire young actors and make a theater production amazingly accessible."

Terri New - INCITE PRODUCTIONS  - Incite Creativity! - Multimedia Video and Music Productions

INCITE PRODUCTIONS is a full-service multi-media production company. From inception to completion INCITE provides the tools for your success.
Terri New, Multimedia Producer of Incite Productions has a strong, creative and dependable team.  She started this talented company of Independent Artists in 1991 in Santa Barbara, CA. Incite Productions aim is to incite and inspire creativity using the passive tools of computers and TV for tools of activity and engendering community.

We specialize in educational curriculum projects and promotional/marketing products, from promotional video projects to multimedia presentations.


At the core of Incites' Developments, in particular the theater arts realm,  is taking the passive tools of television and computer and making them tools for activity... to incite creativity!
We create well-crafted, informative and interesting videos for clients in the public and private sectors, as well as our own independent productions.  


A recent Video produced by Terri New - Incite Productions.



Educational Curriculum Programs - Marketing Videos - Documentaries - Video News Releases - Product Launches - Web Video Campaigns - Customer Story Profiles - Meeting Openers - Commercials - - Testimonial Videos - Event Videos - Green Screen Shooting  - Employee Orientation - Training Videos - Branding Videos - Book/Author Trailers - Recruitment - Music Videos - Product Demos - Cultural Programs - Corporate Videos - Testimonials - Fundraising - Public Relations - Legal & Compliance - Author & Guest Speaker Interviews - CEO Interviews - Public Service - Announcements - Family & Organizational Histories - Bereavement Videos - Wedding & Celebration Videos - Music Composition & Production - & We have a heck of a lot of fun doing it!

INCITE PRODUCTIONS is owned and operated singularly by Terri New. Teams and subject matter experts are generally subcontracted in accordance with project contracts. We have completed many challenging projects involving video, the web, music and content management and online promotion and training.  We have produced many international video projects, created and designed curriculum, as well as designed websites and powerpoint presentations.




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