Vocalist, Composer/Multi-Media Producer of Incite Productions


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The Blue Moon Album

Terri New sings Classic Contempoary and Jazz Favorites.

The Elks Opera House 1920s Speakeasy

Terri performed jazz styled music with pianist, Jeff Weisel and bassist, John Roper.

The Elks Opera House 1920s Speakeasy

Terri designed the backdrops for the Speakeasy.

Voices of the Velvet Revolution

Terri performed excerpts of the play she wrote at the Elks Opera House for the launching of "The Artists Path."

Voices of the Velvet Revolution

Terri designed the digital backdrops for the play at the Elks Opera House for the launching of "The Artists Path."

Talking Rock Ranch Wine Festival

Terri was the headliner at this popular Wine Festival at beautiful Talking Rock Ranch.

Talking Rock Ranch Concert

Terri opened for Toni Tennille of the Grammy Award winning Captain and Tennille fame.

Eastern European Tour

Terri took songs from Voices of the Velvet Revolution to Eastern Europe with Grammy winning Producer, Bob Esty & Pulitzer Prize nominee, James Ragan.

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Vocalist, Composer/Multi-Media Producer of Incite Productions

Terri New is an explosion of freshness, of dynamic vocal skill and great professionalism. This talented singer/songwriter is sure to impress. With a fresh soulful energy and attitude to jazz classics, elegant choices in material and phrasing, this woman is destined to be your new favorite jazz singer. From subtly nuanced ballads to soul drenched blues, the emotional power of Terri’s delivery is perfectly framed by the elegant simplicity of the arrangements of these classic melody-driven, lyrically-charged jazz standards.  Her sultry, playful vocals can be heard on eclectic and an impressive range of tunes, varying from traditional jazz mixed with old-timey blues and originals. A modern stylistic mix of Ella Fitzgerald and Laura Nyro.  The “New” Show is an intriguing collection of songs from the Great American Songbook that focuses on romantic love, life, hope and friendship. The tunes are beautifully arranged and performed, sung with refreshing directness, subtlety, and sensitivity to the lyrics.

How shall we as a culture evolve?  It all starts with an idea, who has better ideas...and ideas of greatness than artists?  Artists of living, Like Lawrence Anthony whose relationship with elephants defied what we thought of four legged creatures, he showed us the wondrous interconnectedness of all beings.  Vaclav Havel, the playwright President of the Czech Republic whose words in the "Power of the Powerless" not only inspired,  but taught the oppressed how to live in the truth and confront totalitarianism in a humane and brilliant way.  In "The Grace of The Untamed" we offer stories of exemplary humanity, stories of faith, hope, trust and truth. We hope to help open the door to possibilities, to hope, to show the intimate world of creation...with God or whatever you deem to call, the instinctual being that propels us into some kind of glory in our life. TO ATTAIN GRACE!!

One of the songs from a new multimedia show in development.


ACCOLADES From Terri's Performances:

With my having seen Terri New perform several times and having played her CD many times, Terri performs a wide variety of song and music.  She performs with sincere, and seemingly effortless,engagement.  Not only is she a fantastic musician, she is a kind, cordial, and caring person.  I highly recommend Terri New, and am proud to know her as 'friend' -James Kimes

What a great performance you put on!  - Bo Woods - Morning Host/Program Director KNOT-AM, Prescott. Fun Oldies AM1450/100.9FM at Great Circle Radio

We thought you were fabulous at our Talking Rock show. Let me know where you will be appearing next.  We will be in your audience. ~ Judy  

You are simply so very talented & gifted. Hope I can hear you again before long. ~ James Kimes

Loved the concert! Thanks again for calling last night's concert to our attention.....we loved it, especially YOUR part! Wow, obviously we had no idea you have such a fabulous voice! What a treat.  -  Karen Austermiller

Wow! What a fabulous quarterly Prescott Area Arts & Humanities Council membership event at Sharlot Hall Museum last night. Thanks to the incredible talent of songstress Terri New and ensemble the house was packed! There is no doubt that the public will continue to follow where our group of talented artistic members choose to go next. - Deb Thurston

Dear Terri, what can one say? You were delightful and the performance was so enjoyable! Your choice of song, your vocal inflections, and the words between the songs revealed your character and the joy of life! We were enriched by it and our holiday season began! Thank you. " - Betsy, Fred, and Nancy

 "Terri, You were amazing; better than Barbara. We left inspired!" - Amy Champ
Enjoyed your vocals at Talking Rock. - Buddy Moeck, Pianist

"So enjoyed your performance on Thursday, I will certainly drop in for Acker Night." - Karen Churchill

"Terri: You and your associates made our evening wonderful! Can't begin to express my appreciation..........grand performance!!!!" - Muriel Haverland

"Dear Terri, You were BRILLIANT....thank you for a most enjoyable evening." - Yvette Winwood

"... I take this opportunity to tell you that we thoroughly enjoyed your performance last Thursday. I'm sure you know that your accompanying musicians are both keepers. I sensed that you were able to focus on your vocals almost 100.... I wish I had taken a few notes. As it is, I can't tell you which songs were merely enjoyable and which ones gave me goose bumps. "Autumn Leaves" was definitely in the latter category. I almost forgot to mention that your narrative added to the performance..., it transformed a group of songs into an almost theatrical whole. In a supper club it would help keep the audience engaged, rather than giving them permission to regard your efforts as mere background music.  Please accept my congratulations on assembling such a polished, professional act. Yours truly, Dave Morefield

Amazing Performance of "Voices of the Velvet Revolution"
Terri, Your stunning performance for the Artist's Path inauguration was outstanding! You know your subject intimately by your personal travel to Czechoslovakia, studying history, passionately portraying a peaceful revolution of which the majority of we Americans have never heard, highlighting that pacificists make a difference, that arts and humanities are very powerful persuaders of needed change, and that a playwright can lead a new nation. The leaders of The Artists Path chose the best performers in the West to launch a peaceful revolution that will circle the globe many times. Your beautiful, trained voice moved all of us in the audience, your music writing was very powerful, and you showed a very intellectual, caring, and passionate aspect of the amazing woman that you are.  We in the audience were treated to an extremely professional performance and we are so fortunate to have that experience in Prescott. - Artist, Katy Standhardt
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