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School Library Journal, 8/1/2009


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Alice "I Feel So Me Now!" (Musical Theater Arts Series). 3 DVDs. range: 40–64 min. with 3 CDs. range: 45–69 min. Prod. by Incite Prods. Dist. by Academic Distributing. 2009. $79.99.

Gr all levels—Everything needed to cast, rehearse, and produce a play is included in this multimedia program. The play is based on Alice in Wonderland, but also portrays Alice as a young girl who grows up to discover who she is. Despite the chaos and confusion in Wonderland, Alice keeps her head (sorry!) and stands up to those who she feels are wrong. The first DVD features a group of children putting on a remarkably well-choreographed and beautifully costumed play. The "Birth of a Play" segment provides a history of the Pasadena (CA) Playhouse and explains the steps involved in presenting a play. The DVD also includes a data folder that contains all of the printable materials for the production—from lists of characters, the script, and promotional materials to instructions for producing miniature theater plays and sections on playwriting and radio plays. There are even bonus Lewis Carroll activities, dramatic presentations of select scenes from Alice in Wonderland, and resources for organizing a Mad Tea Party. The "Production Tools" DVD contains extensive and well-presented vocal warm-ups, dance stretches, characterization exercises, and instructions for creating costumes from foam rubber, spray paint, and glue (the same instructions are included in the printable materials on the first DVD). The "Miniature Theater" DVD offers a history of miniature theater and instructions for orchestrating a miniature production and creating the stage from a cardboard box. The three CDs each contain the play in a different stage of production. On the "Script" CD, the play is read by a full cast of adults and children, with stage directions, sounds, and background notes. The "Rehearsal" CD includes vocal warm-ups and the songs from the play. The "Performance" CD has 37 tracks of music and sound effects. The script can be downloaded at, where a video overview of the complete set and a preview of the lushly illustrated printable material is available. With time and a creative crew, this package will inspire young actors and make a theater production amazingly accessible.


MaryAnn Karre, Horace Mann Elementary School, Binghamton, NY

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Welcome to Incite Productions

ALICE “I Feel So Me Now!” Musical Theater Arts Volume 1

We want to inspire you to create a wonderful musical production of ALICE “I Feel So Me Now!” - based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We provide all the tools for your success!


I have to tell you that the kids just absolutely lit up, they got to use all their talents with this wonderful play. They discovered a whole new arena in which to express themselves.  We are seeing it in the way they are giving speeches, the risks they are willing to take, to go and do new things and play new roles, such as in the debate team. You guided them, you involved them, you made it their play and I saw how they followed through.  It was a wonderfulexperience for the children to get up in front of an audience and perform and feel so important.  You've got the magic! I felt lucky to be a part of this!"

- Susan Burleson, Principal of Twin Creeks School, SAN RAMON, CA