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The continents of Africa, India, Europe, and the Americas are incredible destinations and a videographer's paradise.


Producer, Terri New has had the privilege of producing and shooting projects around the world. She has gathered her footage and used her compositional skills to create a new series with volumes entitled "NATURESCAPES" which are in production, the first Volume completed.


The locations incude high definition footage of The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion and other surrounds in Utah and the incredible wild shores of South Africa. The breathtaking beauty of Lake Malawai. Cactus blossoms of the high desert in Arizona.  


Mesmerizing slow moving, soft and impassioned sound. Sensitive notes, a depth of vision capturing the elegant reflections of our world. More titles are in development!





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Experience the grandeur of the waters and wildlife of the
Okavango of Botswana. Feel the serene seasonal changes
under a Native American ruin in Arizona. These calming
environmental videos are designed to relief stress through
natural slow moving imagery using nature sounds with
music by composer, Terri New.
APPROX. 60 minutes - $12.95 plus shipping & handling.

Study:Music Can Ease Pain

Read this interesting study about the impact of music.
Researchers Say Music May Have the Most Benefits for the Anxiety Prone.





Video Retreats




We are currently working on a new program "VIDEO PRODUCTION RETREATS" aimed at Authors, Guest Speakers, and those who wants to leave a video legacy with their life story...anyone who needs a well-produced video, whether it be promotional, historical or educational, all created in a wonderful atmosphere


This is a five day intensive program that will take place at the beautiful Sunset Vista Ranch, it includes gourmet meals under an amazing Indian Ruin in Prescott, AZ.


We will organize your script, create a set, address make-up, videotape, edit and author a DVD for you and upload it to the web.

Contact Us for Rates and Available Dates!




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A backdrop of natural images to restore your Body, Mind & Spirit with, the serenity and beautiful imagery and soothing rhythms inspired by our natural world.


NatureScapes is a beautifully arranged work of nature on DVD which combines breathtaking video of scenery and wildlife with powerful music. Sunrises and sunsets over the serene Okavango Delta of Botswana.  Arizona and Utah mountain landscapes.


The clouds roll by in a wind propelled dance. Blissful sounds of chimes and waters from rivers to oceans. Majestic mountains and soft cactus blossoms An Elephant baby getting his first precious land legs in an Elephant ballet. NatureScapes will nurture your downtime and reconnect you to this amazing earth.