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WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY PACKAGES: For most couples, videos provide the best way to capture and relive wedding memories. We offer packages that you can be tailored to fit your budget and needs. Wedding Costs will vary based on length of coverage, number of cameras, and style of the edited video or DVD. Some editing is included with all packages, and generally results in a finished video somewhere between an hour and two in length. You will receive three DVD copies on all packages.  We also feature a special Slideshow-Photo Montage of special family memories, a production for your rehearsal dinner and wedding entertainment with  pictures of childhood memories.  This really adds a special element to your wedding celeberation, especiallly if you have childhood pictures of many of your guests.


 We will be happy to meet with you and show examples of our Wedding DVDs or call us to discuss your wedding event options. Please view some of our Wedding Motion Menus below.


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A Maui Paradise Wedding

This DVD included a pre-produced Slideshow-Photo Montage of special family memories, which was used for the Rehearsal Dinner. It was a surprise to the couple from family and friends who had come from all over the US. The "surprise" included a special message from the Groom's parents who could not be at the wedding for health reasons. It was very special and really moving, not a dry eye in the party! The wedding guests were also greeted and serenaded by a chamber orchestra, the music you hear on the menu.


A Santa Barbara Mission Wedding

An incredibly romantic place for a wedding. We worked with this couple to create a DVD for their wedding invite. It included a romance story video of their meeting and childhood movies which included the Brides Maids and Groom Men high school photos. Movies of all the significant people in their lives; you felt you met and got to know the families, bridesmaids and grooms before you got to the wedding. The CD also featured an enhanced music version with their favorite and significant songs. Really fun and unique. It included web links with hotels, maps and directions to all the Wedding events. links for RSVP's, hotels, dining and even things to do in the area.


The web technology has advanced so that now enables us to do this all on-line in a website.



A Romantic Wedding Dance


Handsome couple, beautiful wedding!








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An eloquent oratory in images, the rhythm of convergence...


Envision the future, flying to your dreams, together, a union of imagination, soaring thoughts, endless passions.Reaching for the endless periphery flying towards the heavens dancing in percussive rhythm....And a great party!